Our 0' 0''

The Lost Meridiano is our Zero Meridiano, it is the origin of a winery project that was born through this white wine.

EThe name reflects the nautical essence of the Cadiz coast, the same essence that runs through the veins of Joaquín Gómez.

Inspired by this old Meridian, when tracing its line inland, we realized that it crossed exactly the vineyards where the palomino grapes that give life to this wine come from.

It is our perfect 0º 0′ 0”. The geographical coordinates that mark the path that we want our wines to follow: the enhancement of the care of the vineyard, of the pasture wines that the people of the countryside consumed, and the sparkle of this unique light that floods the sea and the Albarizas Cadiz.

The label is the work of the Jerez-born painter Rocío Cano. It is inspired by a nautical chart that reflects the Bay, with the red line passing through the exact point where the Zero Meridian did in the City of Cádiz. A work in blue, greenish and brown tones that draw the marshes, the estuaries, the pipes and the mouths of the Guadalete and San Pedro rivers; this geographical landscape with three millennia of history.

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A unique story; unique like our wines; unique as the journey that Meridiano Perdido now.