Recovering the Past wines.

Vinos de Pasto is the denomination that has been used in the lands of the Marco de Jerez —Sherryland— to differentiate the still wines, without heading, from the fortified wines. The Pasto Wines, formerly, were part of the range of Marco de Jerez wines. They are young white wines that may even have a little aging. 

Now we are in full revaluation of this type of wine. The producers are recovering them because they help to understand the culture, tradition and history of Jerez.

It is a way of focusing on the care of the vineyard, of dignifying the work of the viticulturist,
of talking about the different soils and Pagos —single vineyards— that make up our Marco. Because sherry is not the only child of cellar aging; but also, of centuries-old and coarse vines of millenary albarizas that, together with the climate, give unique characteristics to Pasto Wines.

This enhancement is a great opportunity to open the door to young viticulturists and oenologists who enrich the new generations of Sherry; since they can begin to make wines without mortgaging over time, waiting for a long aging in the cellar.

Old age is a very important point; but the Pasto Wines are also a fundamental part of showing the region in a very sincere way. Reflect on them the properties of the climate, of the different Pagos, varieties, soils, etc.

They are the past, the present and the future; along with the rest of the wines that make up the winemaking greatness of Jerez.

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The same tradition expressed in two different away.
Our Meridiano Perdido is a reflection of all this.